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Learn full the details in in vignette('index-crossref').

Key tags:

  • @aliases {alias}: Add additional aliases to the topic. Use NULL to suppress the default alias automatically generated by roxygen2.

  • @concept {concept}: Add additional keywords or phrases to be included in the index. Each @concept should be a single term or phrase.

  • @family {family name}: Generate @seealso entries to all other functions in family name.

  • @keywords {keyword}: Add a standardised keyword, indexed by These are generally not useful apart from @keyword internal which flags the topic as internal and removes from topic indexes.

  • @references {reference}: Pointers to the related literature. Usually formatted like a bibliography.

  • @seealso {[func1()], <url1>}: Link to other related functions or urls. Usually a sentence or two, or a bulleted list.

Other less frequently used tags:

  • @backref {path}: Manually override the backreference that points from the .Rd file back to the source .R file. Only needed when generating code.


#' @aliases {alias}
#' @backref {path}
#' @concept {concept}
#' @family {family name}
#' @keywords {keyword}
#' @references {reference}
#' @seealso {[func1()], <url1>}

See also

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