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Learn full the details in in vignette('rd-other').

Key tags:

  • @field {name} {description}: Describe a R6 or refClass field.

  • @format {description}: Describe the type/shape of a dataset. If the dataset is a data frame, include a description of each column. If not supplied, will be automatically generated by object_format().

  • @method {generic} {class}: Force a function to be recognised as an S3 method. This affects the default usage and the NAMESPACE directive produced by @export. Only needed if automatic detection fails.

  • @slot {name} {description}: Describe the slot of an S4 class.

  • @source {description}: Describe where the dataset came from. Provide a link to the original source (if possible) and briefly describe any manipulation that you performed when importing the data.


#' @field {name} {description}
#' @format {description}
#' @method {generic} {class}
#' @slot {name} {description}
#' @source {description}

See also

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