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This roclet is the workhorse of roxygen2, producing the .Rd files that R uses to document functions, datasets, packages, classes, and more. See vignette("rd") for details.

Generally you will not call this function directly but will instead use roxygenise() specifying the rd roclet.



See also

tags-rd, tags-rd-other, tags-reuse, tags-index-crossref for tags provided by this roclet.


#' The length of a string (in characters)
#' @param x A character vector.
#' @returns An integer vector the same length as `x`.
#'   `NA` strings have `NA` length.
#' @seealso [nchar()]
#' @export
#' @examples
#' str_length(letters)
#' str_length(c("i", "like", "programming", NA))
str_length <- function(x) {